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Mutual Community


Adelaide All Spas

Client - Mutual Community & Pharmacy Guild

Objective - Reinforce the role of pharmacists as an approachable community healthcare specialist.

Problem - Efficacy. Traditional ads with pictures of "trusted" pharmacists in white coats reinforce the pharmacist's role as a professional but fail to deliver the needed "cut through" to be noticed, nor the impact to be remembered. There is also an inate resistance in people to ads centred around health issues.

Strategy - Develop a simple, memorable creative execution, with high entertainment value, that overcomes the target market's natural resisitance to identifying with health problems. The execution must reinforce the professional role of pharmacy.

Creative Solution - Use colourful animated characters in humourous situations.

Disciplines employed - Advertising & PR - TV Plus Full Colour Full Page ads with 30 sec radio on a two station buy. PR with editorial on talkback radio.