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Zenith Media

Market Research Decisions


Zenith’s negotiating and buying power has often been reviewed and audited, by individual companies such as Coles Myer, by accounting firms like KPMG, by media auditors and by governments. These reviews have always been favourable. Mostly demonstrating that Zenith’s ultimate costs of buying media is lower than competitors, sometimes on a par but never has Zenith been found more expensive than any other media company or agency.

Zenithmedia has made it their mission to “Deliver sustainable competitive advantage to their clients”. All these things mean that we can deliver absolutely everything you require and you can be absolutely sure you will be getting the best rates possible.


  • buys more media than any other group;
  • bought over a billion dollars of media in 2000;
  • places 1 in 7 commercials on TV;
  • largest buyer of radio, newspapers, magazines buses and trams;
  • employs over 140 media professionals;
  • has a national network of offices;
  • is the largest source of income for all major media;
  • look after some of Australia’s biggest clients including Coles Myer, CUB etc;
  • invests $3m plus per year in research tools including hardware & software;

and we use them!